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Wrenches & Wrench Sets
Wrenches & Wrench Sets
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Knipex Tools is the world’s largest manufacturer of professional pliers since 1882. KNIPEX pliers, cutters, insulated tools and other products have been the tools of choice for professional tradesmen and end users who are serious about their hand tools and demand industrial quality. Knipex Tools are..
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Kobalt 14mm 12-point Metric Flexible Head Ratchet Wrench GE64642458..
% $30.77 $237.83
Fast and agile, TEKTON Flex-Head Ratcheting Combination Wrenches have a 6-point box end that pivots 180 degrees around obstructions and a 72-tooth ratchet gear with a short 5-degree swing arc that really shines when there's not much room to move.TEKTON 10 mm Flex Ratcheting Combination Wrench WRN571..
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Kobalt 7/16-in 12-point Standard SAE Ratchet Wrench GE45512667..
% $33.84 $246.80
1/2-in Short SAE Combination Wrench has a corrosion resistant chrome finish providing extra wear and tear coverage while adding hardness and durability allowing your wrench to last longer. CRAFTSMAN® wrenches meet or exceed ASME specifications.CRAFTSMAN 1/2-in 12-Point Standard SAE Standard Combinat..
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Kobalt 8mm 12-Point Metric Standard Combination Wrench GE22214748..
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UNMATCHED ACCESS: Upgrade your capability to work around obstructions. With angled heads that allow you to progressively turn fasteners and fittings in confined spaces, TEKTON’s 30/60 angle head wrenches save you precious time because you can continue work without disconnecting or dismantling equipm..
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The Capri Tools Super-Thin Open End Wrenches have ultra low profiles that let you reach fasteners in tight clearance. Just 4.6 mm thin, this super-thin open end wrench is truly versatile and come in handy in a wide variety of applications. The wrench head is tipped at a 15-degree angle. Useful espec..
% $32.44 $225.91
With a 6-point box end and a 72-tooth ratchet gear, TEKTON Ratcheting Combination Wrenches provide a sure, snug fit on fasteners and the speed of a short 5-degree swing arc that really shines when there's not much room to move.TEKTON 14 mm Ratcheting Combination Wrench WRN53114 GE43345884..
% $31.65 $194.98
CRAFTSMAN mechanics tools are perfect for automotive, construction and DIY repairs. Nothing beats having the right tools for the job and that is what CRAFTSMAN mechanics tools provide.CRAFTSMAN 1/2-in Drive Digital Torque Wrench 50-ft lb to 250-ft lb GE43133148..
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Double box chrome ratcheting wrench.KD Tools Set 6-Point Standard SAE Ratchet Wrench GE81512838..
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Kobalt 7mm 12-Point Metric Standard Combination Wrench GE37346127..
% $32.70 $244.88